Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Never Say Boo to a Frilly

                              Never Say Boo to a Frilly

Well, get your read on boys and girls, because this book is one to hunker down in a comfy space and set your sights on the Australian Outback Bush.
You might find this lizard to be a bit fancy, but don’t let him fool you. He’s rough and tough for sure. Find out what he eats, how long he’s been on the Earth and what he does when you say, Boo!

Among these pages you will read about exotic birds of the bush, the razzle dazzle of color they display, the chatter and song they bring to your ears, and wouldn't you like to know how to bring birds to your back yard? But guys, there’s more!

I gotta tell you, this one scares me a bit. The little Tasmanian; even his name is scary. He’s a devil of a fellow who growls and howls. He stalks and preys, and shows his teeth with a scream! The whole book is written in easy to read rhyme that draws you in while mesmerizing illustrations by Aysin Eroglu excite your senses.

Margot Finke, author of many children’s books, has written another entertaining, educational book with facts to enlighten at the end of her stories. Never Say Boo to a Frilly is a keeper and will find a place in any child’s library who enjoys rhyme or is interested in wild and exotic animals. A fun read for kids and parents.
I give this book five ***** stars for rhyme, educational content and beautiful illustrations.

This book was reviewed by Susan Hornbach, author of children’s literature

Margot Finke is an Aussie transplant. She now lives in Oregon near her grown family and grandchildren. With 13 published children’s books, and more on the way, plus a Manuscript Critique Service, Margot is always searching for the perfect way to place her books in the hands of eager children. Her FREE Skype Author Visits are a terrific way to do this.

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