Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Muse On Line Conference

Muse on Line Conference Register Now. Make Lea happy, and register early. It’s the best conference anywhere, in my opinion.

You're able to go in and out of classrooms with ease. You never have to leave the comfort of your home, office, or computer domain, wherever that may be. This writing conference offers a treasure-trove of information for writers. No other conference anywhere, will allow you the convenience of taking a multitude of classes in such a short period of time.

No traveling time. No dashing from one class to another. You won’t be worn out from running to catch the next lecture or assignment. No, here you will be able to come in and out of the classrooms 24 hours a day. Read at your leisure, write and do your assignments at your convenience, speak to others, converse with presenters, make lots of new friends, and learn much more than you would if you signed up for numerous conferences at brick and mortar type buildings.

Also, live chats for those who wish to attend. Publishers are on hand and will accept a pitch for your latest book if you qualify. What more could anyone ask for? Not only is this a writer’s delight in a wealth of information, but it’s all free! That’s right It’s Free.

So come on, sign up! You won’t be sorry. Also you will be connected with the Muse on Line Writer’s Group throughout the year, where writers connect, and share their knowledge with each other.

When You see what's being offered at this conference, believe me, you will think it is Christmas morning, and Santa brought you the sleigh load. Don’t wait, get excited! Sign up early.