Monday, November 4, 2013

The Birthday Book Club Snatching


Although the title of this book describes the plot of the story, it does not do justice to the adventures that take place within these pages.  Come battle Neothors in the Galaxy Bratheria with Simon, or maybe your fantasy would be to revel in the Revolutionary war with the Redcoats attacking.  Whether you fence with Simon and the aliens on planet Meptee, survive on Blackbeard’s ship with pirates, or dodge the Nazi soldiers in World War II, you will experience Simon’s sometimes brutal and extreme imagination.  Throughout the story Simon’s fantasy is to have someone he can count on always as a good friend.

Simon is viewed as an odd child, whispered about, falsely accused, and laughed at, and all because others are not receptive enough to realize the creative genius within him. The Birthday Book Club Snatching is filled with life lessons,  history,  sibling kindness, Dyslexia,  awareness of those different, fantasy, friendship, bullies, daydreaming, stealing, knowing right from wrong, illegal aliens, educational content, and making the right choices. The most entertaining aspect in the book is of course, Simon’s vivid imagination.  The most virtuous is honesty.

This is a great book for boys, although I’m sure girls will find excitement within these pages that entertain as well.  This is a well written book from The Melinda &Simon Series, authored by Anne Burack Sayre.  I give five ***** stars for this book for the wide range of content, entertainment and life lessons it provides for middle grade kids  Great book!                                                                                                                                                  Purchase book here:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 2013 Guardian Angel Kids ezine
                       Down on the Farm


The Odd Chick

Life on the Farm by Jennifer Buchet
Tractor Tour by Tracy Helixon

Tractor goes to the City by Wendy Klein
Allie’s Farm by Felicity Nisbet
The Pig who did not want to be pink by Savannah Hendricks

Old MacDonald had an Alpaca by Shari L. Klase

So you want to be a Farmer? by Sharon Stanley
Down on the Farm Word Search Puzzle by Tanja Cilia

LYNDA S. BURCH. Publisher A free online ezine for kids!

Monday, September 9, 2013

New Releases for August 2013, from Guardian Angel Publishing Inc.

Andy & Spirit in Search & Rescue Academic Wings hardcover edition
by Mary Jean Kelso, art KC Snider

Great Gobs of Gustation: The Sum of Our Parts  Book 8 Academic Wings
by Bill Kirk, art by Eugene Ruble
A rhyme which describes the sense of taste and how it works to help you tell what you like to eat and what you don’t. Book 8 of the Sum of our Parts anatomical educational series

Just Too Little  Littlest Angel
by Judith J. Miller, art Sonal Panse
At her grandparents farm Pam is too little to help with the chores.

Michael’s Safari Littlest Angel
by JennaKay Francis art by Craig Howarth
Michael takes an imaginary journey.

The New Puppy Animals & Pets
by Raelene Hall art by Kevin Collier, Gisele LaBlanc
After a day of fun and trouble, what will Kelly’s new mischievous puppy do next?

Friday, September 6, 2013

GAK Magazine, Anti Bullying, September Issue 2013

Guardian Angel Kids 
Book Feature
Benjamin Jay was a Bully by Emma Glover Art by KC Snider


Chy’s Guys by Donna J. Shepherd

Finding Frankenfeet by Jennifer Buchet
Saving Hercules by Debbie Allard
Shrimp by Felicity Nisbet
Frank and the Forever Flute by Elizabeth Glann

Hen Pecked by Shari L. Klase

Cyber Bullying: Its Prevalence and What to do about it? by Irene S. Roth

Teaching Empathy Helps Stop Bullying by Kathy Stemke

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lucky's Lick, A Story of a Boy in a Wheelchair


Juanito  sits in his wheelchair as other children play.  Just a year before Juanito experienced a terrible accident. 

It’s his special day and the anticipation of a party fills him with thoughts of super heroes and friends to help him celebrate. 

His imagination keeps him occupied as his fascination with nature creates entertainment. 

Find out how Juanito’s party, a prayer, a wish, a present and a lick, can bring a young boy’s dream to life. 

This is a wonderful story of a child who never loses faith, who keeps a positive attitude in the face of disappointment, and makes the best of life in spite of what has happened to him.  It’s a story to touch your heart and to show young children that whatever happens in life, they can always have hope. 

The illustrations by Denis Proulx are bright and engaging.  The author Mary Esparza-Vela has truly written a story to inspire and touch the hearts of children.
I give this book five*****stars for colorful illustrations, a fun story, great emotion and a story I think will delight young children.

This book has been reviewed by Susan Hornbach, author of children’s literature.

Purchase Lucky's Lick Here:'s+Lick+by+Mary+Esparza+

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Story of Harship, Grit and Survival

This is a story about a boy named Tommy who lives on a farm with his family. Disaster strikes one day, and him and his brother find themselves shackled on a ship with many other young boys.  They are made to work and fight battles that are not theirs to care about.  They suffer abuse at the hands of scallywags and scruffy men of the sea. 

Powder Monkey will keep you turning the page, as what comes next is always more devastating than the last.  The young boys suffer excruciating treatments, and some are bound to not make it.  The ship becomes home and a young boy who toted black powder bags for battle becomes a…….. Find out what happens to Tommy and his brother.

This is not a book for those who wish for a happy ending, but rather a true grit story about the survival of the fittest. It’s a well written book by Donna McDine, with brilliant illustrations by K.C. Snider.  I give this book five ***** stars.