Sunday, February 17, 2013


The Whyz Guy

The Whyz Guy (A Diary of Questions & Children's Poems)

The Whyz Guy is a book of rhymes that depict a young boy who has many questions about a multitude of things.  Some of the questions he asks are hilarious, and some may gross you out; that is if you happen to be a parent, or have a bit of a fluttery tummy. 

The Whyz Guy touches on personal hygiene, snoring, hairy bodies, noses, smells, the moon, bikes, tattletales, farts, dogs, and many more subjects this young boy inquires about. The author Chris Cianciulli has drawn from his own childhood and expressed his view of a child in wonderment. 

 He has woven into his book of rhymes, comedy and real life dilemmas. The Whyz Guy possesses an illustration to depict each rhyming subject.  The illustrations are bright and colorful, and will draw the attention of young and middle age children.   I feel this book is probably favored more with the boys than the girls, but that’s not to say girls would not find a few chuckles in the content of these pages. 

Because Chris Cianciulli has directed his book to entertain and educate children with his rhymes and attractive illustrations, I give this book four stars **** for whimsical content and fun for boys. 

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 This book has been reviewed by Susan Hornbach, author of children’s literature.