Saturday, March 23, 2013

“Ascending Spiral”, written by Bob Rich, is a medley of intertwining lives that result in lessons learned for mistakes of past lives.  Dr. Pip is the connecting factor between all of these life forms, and brings wisdom and meaning to each existence as he searches for their reason for being. The stories within this book are filled with adventure, terror, love, hate, loneliness, despair, antisemitism, war, slavery, insanity, prejudice, sexism, and above all how mankind of today may be destroying itself on a rapid road filled with misconception and greed. 

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Life connects and disconnects as one presumably is reincarnated and finds the meaning for what life is truly about.  In the beginning of the book, and also at the end, Dr. Pip realizes that his existence in the here and now is directed toward healing others. His messages to the reader are profound, and without a doubt, will leave you in a soul searching state of mind.  His true to life view will grip your emotions and awaken you to what could happen in the world of excessive consuming and industry.

I believe the author’s all intent goal for this book is for his reader to enjoy these pages filled with controversy and adventure, and to join his efforts in thwarting greed, promoting love, and to secure the preservation of the Earth, as well as the  human race.

I give this book five stars plus, for content that grips, stories of true emotion that entertain, and intent that serves others.  Great book!  

This book has been reviewed by Susan Hornbach

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