Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ava's Secret Tea Party

Ava’s Secret Tea Party
Ava never gets to see the visitors that come to her room as she sleeps snuggled under the covers with her teddy.  She decides she is going to leave an invitation for those secret workers who come to leave her treasures while she sleeps.  Ava wants to meet them, but knows children rarely ever do.  To her surprise, her invitation is answered and Ava finds herself involved in several different adventures. She has a lot of questions for her visitors and a wish to meet them all.   

Come join Ava in this adorable whimsical story and find out how she becomes the perfect host for her unusual new friends.

This book has recipes for your favorite magical characters. It has crafts to wear and to decorate with if you decide to have your very own tea party.   This is a beautiful little book to entertain and occupy young children.  Ava’s Secret Tea Party has brilliant color that pops from the page.  The delightful illustrations created by Bella Sinclair are sure to grab a child’s interest.

Ava’s Secret Tea Party written by Donna J. Shepherd is a winner and I’m sure will become a favorite in a young child’s library.  I must say it’s well deserving of five ***** stars. 

Reviewed by Susan Hornbach, author of children’s literature.

Guardian Angel Publishing Inc.

Category: Littlest Angels
Author: Donna J. Shepherd www.donnashepherd.blogspot.com
Artist: Bella Sinclair www.bellasinclair.blogspot.com
Hardcover ISBN: 9781616332853; 1616332859
Paperback ISBN: 9781616332860; 1616332867
eBook ISBN: 9781616332877; 1616332875


hardcover and softcover

Littlest Angels 

by Donna J Shepherd, artist Bella Sinclair.

What child hasn't dreamed of meeting the elusive Tooth Fairy, Santa, Sandman, or the Easter Bunny? Ava wants to invite them all to tea, but how can she? An imaginative tale sure to enthrall children for years to come. Boys and girls alike will delight in finding the hidden teacups and cookies in the fanciful illustrations and planning their own parties using the kid-friendly recipes and crafts included.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Coming Soon!


A Voice in the Night, Silent Abuse, The Early Warning Signs That Could Save your Life  By Erin Ireland

This  is a book to serve many.  A book that will enlighten you on how the treatment you accept  from others is a huge factor  to whether or not you will be happy in your life.

This is a book for young people to  find a safe ground to stand on.  It is a book for all ages to take notice of the treatment they allow from others.  So many never realize how much abuse they do submit to, thinking they are merely sucking it up for the betterment of the relationship.  

This is a book to find your peace and to know your rights as a human being.  This truly  is " A Voice in the Night"  for all who wish to be happier In their relationships or simply happier without their abusive relationship.  Are you not sure whether your mate is actually abusive?  Erin Ireland has laid it out for you. When you finish reading this book you will know the ingredients for a solid relationship and the specifics of when your mate has crossed the abusive line.

"A Voice in the Night, Silent Abuse, The Early Warning Signs That Could Save Your Life"  Coming soon!

About  Erin Ireland
Erin Ireland writes for those who feel they have no voice.  She is a woman who has spent many years observing the abuse of others.  Her experiences have been many in the direction of others who suffer in silence with isolation, controlled obsessions, verbal abuse, Superior attitudes, deceit, jealousy, physical, and sexual assaults, and many more indignities suffered everyday by beautiful people.

Erin Ireland has suffered a great deal of abuse in her own life, and writes from her heart when explaining what she feels is an inappropriate act against another.  Her passion for the subject of abuse runs deep, and reflects in her sometimes overpowering expressions of what she would like to change in life for you. She wishes for all to come to her website, feel welcome, and hopes that all will find some refuge and comfort here. 

Erin Ireland is a nom de plume, in order to protect the innocent.  She will always speak her mind and the truth for the betterment of all those who seek answers and comfort.  She has written a book Titled,  "A Voice in the Night, Silent Abuse, The Early Warning Signs That Could Save Your Life".   This is a book to help others bypass the long suffering that can be eliminated if they can learn to view the traits of an abuser early on.  

She is writing for others to see the light.  Erin hopes for them be a lamp unto themselves.  She wishes for them to find there safe ground to stand on, before they have spent their entire lives wondering: what it is that they have done to deserve such demeaning treatment? Abuse is a conditioning that can be unlearned.  Every human being is entitled to an abuse free life.

Coming Soon as an E-book 

Cover image courtesy of Jmpaget & Dreamstime.com
Cover by Joleene Naylor