Monday, November 4, 2013

The Birthday Book Club Snatching


Although the title of this book describes the plot of the story, it does not do justice to the adventures that take place within these pages.  Come battle Neothors in the Galaxy Bratheria with Simon, or maybe your fantasy would be to revel in the Revolutionary war with the Redcoats attacking.  Whether you fence with Simon and the aliens on planet Meptee, survive on Blackbeard’s ship with pirates, or dodge the Nazi soldiers in World War II, you will experience Simon’s sometimes brutal and extreme imagination.  Throughout the story Simon’s fantasy is to have someone he can count on always as a good friend.

Simon is viewed as an odd child, whispered about, falsely accused, and laughed at, and all because others are not receptive enough to realize the creative genius within him. The Birthday Book Club Snatching is filled with life lessons,  history,  sibling kindness, Dyslexia,  awareness of those different, fantasy, friendship, bullies, daydreaming, stealing, knowing right from wrong, illegal aliens, educational content, and making the right choices. The most entertaining aspect in the book is of course, Simon’s vivid imagination.  The most virtuous is honesty.

This is a great book for boys, although I’m sure girls will find excitement within these pages that entertain as well.  This is a well written book from The Melinda &Simon Series, authored by Anne Burack Sayre.  I give five ***** stars for this book for the wide range of content, entertainment and life lessons it provides for middle grade kids  Great book!                                                                                                                                                  Purchase book here: