Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Charles"  is a poem written about an MIA in Viet Nam, an American Soldier for which Elizabeth Kate Hornbach the author, wears a bracelet bearing his name. Charles is missing, but not forgotten. Elizabeth holds a degree in professional writing from Kutztown university.  She is an outdoor enthusiast.  Ms. Hornbach is the outdoor program Specialist for the Girl Scouts of America {New Jersey}, and also she is a 1st  LT. for the Civil Air Patrol in PA   She has done missionary work in a number of places throughout the world.  Elizabeth is now working on her Masters Degree in Out Door Education. Her intentions are to open her own school one day for children who learn in  a different way.  Elizabeth Kate Hornbach; making a difference in her path of life.


You were left to die
A caged animal
Withered and broken
A folded flag your only thanks

Scratched and faded
Your memory adorns my wrist
Letters etched into cold metal
Vanishing with time

In the jungle your bones remain
Decaying on enemy soil
Tossed aside and forgotten
Just another name on a wall

A vibrant red turned pink
Provokes a somber thought
Your blood is the crimson carpet
On which I freely walk

Elizabeth kate Hornbach Copyright 2000
All Rights Reserved


  1. Hi Susan, thanks for sharing Elizabeth's poem.

  2. Thanks Susanne for taking the time to leave comments.