Tuesday, July 10, 2012

About the author:

Liam Maher grew up in the beautiful gardens
of Dromoland Castle in County Clare, Ireland.
This and the surrounding picturesque countryside
coupled with the old beliefs during his
boyhood days of leprechauns, ghosts and fairies were to inspire his
children’s stories that were to come in later life and originally written
for his grandchildren.
Liam has had two other books published with Guardian Angel, The
Golden Daffodils and Mr. Topper, the Lucky Potbellied Pig.
More are coming soon.
Liam spends his time gardening, keeping fit, entertaining his
grandchildren and searching for leprechauns.

About the Illustrator:
Gin May is an engineering graduate, hailing from Malaysia. Her
greatest interest lies in fantasy art, with an emphasis on human or
humanoid characters. She says she enjoys doing fantasy-based pictures
since she can brush off anatomical mistakes by claiming the character
isn’t human. She lives on a steady diet of instant noodles and potato
Samples of her work may be viewed at http://ginmay.cjb.net/

The Plumber and the Wishing Well

What could be more charming than Irish folk lore and Christmas, all wrapped up in to one story of wee people and their magical wishing well?  In this story written by Liam Maher, a beautiful yellow bird tries to find a way for her friend the plumber to buy presents for his children on Christmas Eve.  The bird Tupo, visits her friend in the forest, and receives instruction on how to find a magical wishing well.

Upon her approach the well is covered in unforgiving vines.  Tupo is entertained by music and dance, and witnesses some mystical wee people.  The little people have a problem that maybe Tupo can help them with.  They are sad over the fact that Christmas will be ruined if they do not find a way to fix their problem.

 The plumber arrives and notices something most rewarding, but does not share his new found knowledge with anyone.  The little people are delighted to see the plumber, and want to give him riches, but the plumber has other intentions.     

This Gaeilge flavored tale with all the influence of the emerald Isle, has a few intriguing turns and twists that will delight a child’s interests. The art work of Gin May is beautifully illustrated, and pops from the page.  This is a heartwarming story of kindness, sharing and consideration for others in need.  The plumber is concerned with how the little people will be able to continue the life they are accustomed to living.  His intentions are to manipulate the chain of events and make life better for everyone.  The story of the Plumber and the Wishing well is truly in the holiday spirit, and lends example for children to practice in their every day travels.

This enchanting holiday story includes a leprechaun, an elf, a fairy, and other interesting characters. With all the charms of Irish folklore and brilliant art work, I rate this book with *****, and because of the wonderful message of sharing, it lends to all.

This review was written by Susan Hornbach, author of children’s literature.

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  1. Hi Susan and Liam, Beautiful review of a lovely book. Parents and teachers can shop early for this Christmas treasure.

    1. Hi Penelope, You're so right. This will make a great gift. Someone e-mailed today to say they bought this book today after reading the review. I was so happy!

  2. What a lovely idea and book! All around gorgeous and a must for the holidays. Thanks to the three of you for this lovely book and review.

    1. Thanks Nancy,it gets you feeling, and thinking about the magic of Christmas.

  3. Thanks, Susan, for introducing us to Liam's wonderful and imaginative book. It calls to the 1/4 Irish in me. I can never resist a leprechaun!!

    I also promoted Liam's book the other day on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter

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    1. Cool Margot,I'm sure Liam was happy to get his book out there. I can't resist a leprechaun either LOL. I just love em. My name before marriage was Gallagher. My grandmother use to tell me of the wee people.
      thanks for leaving a comment.

  4. Susan, this sounds like a totally delightful book and I'm sure the young ones will enjoy it and want to make this book a keeper!

    1. It does sound like a book that will become a Christmas favorite. Thanks so much for stopping, and lending your support.

  5. Hi, Susan. Thanks for sharing about this delightful book.

    1. Hi Susanne,I'm so happy to see you here. Thanks for reading my review, and leaving a comment.

  6. Thank you for sharing the lovely review, Susan. I read and enjoyed Liam's first two books, and this seems like another that I should read!

  7. Thanks Connie, I think this is one to have on the shelf for visiting children. So glad you stopped by.

  8. I want to thank everyone here for the kind comments, makes me feel like a million dollars. Thank you Susan for the lovely review.

    1. Hello Liam, your book is a big success with other writers, so I imagine it will become a favorite for parents and children. Congrats on your new book, and you're very welcome for the review. My pleasure!

  9. Thanks Susan, I think it's a keeper for sure. So nice of you to stop by.