Monday, August 18, 2014

Prairie Dog Play Days

Margot Finke’s new picture book –  available on her website and on Amazon

Prairie dogs that play, stinkers that prey and birds that rule the sky; that’s what these pages are about.  Margot Finke, author of many children’s stories and works of literature, has written another enchanting book of rhyme. Her nonfiction characters depict animals of North America that are sure to please a child’s wonderment.

Prairie Dog Play Days is an educational fun read for kids. The beautifully detailed illustrations by Kathy Iler will capture a child’s interest in an instant, and the whimsical rhymes will no doubt keep them reading.

Margot Finke’s book includes enhanced vocabulary words and additional information about the animals at the end of the book.  This is a wonderful resource for classroom use or a book to cherish in a child’s library.  Either way, this delightful read will be an asset to any library for children.
I give Prairie Dog Play Days five ***** stars for content, creativity, and beautiful illustrations.

Prairie Dog Play Days, Little Stinkers & Bald Eagles Rule 

Academic Wings 
by Margot Finke 
Three fantastic American animals eat, fly, and dig their way across the pages of this rhyming picture book. Prairie Dogs, Skunks and Bald Eagles are just waiting for your child to meet them. Cool critters, and cool facts %u2013 how can you beat a combination like that?

Margot Finke is an Aussie transplant. She now lives in Oregon near her grown family and grandchildren. With 13 published children’s books, and more on the way, plus a Manuscript Critique Service, Margot is always searching for the perfect way to place her books in the hands of eager children. Her FREE Skype Author Visits are a terrific way to do this.
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This book was reviewed by Susan Hornbach, author of children’s literature.


  1. Thanks for the review. Sounds like a wonderfully educational book. Congrats to Margot and Kathy.

  2. Hi Susan, thanks for another great review. I love Margot's books (and reviewed this one, too.) Wishing her much success. Penny (

    1. Hi Penny, thanks for your support. I love Margot's book also.

  3. Comment posted for Margot Finke:

    Many thanks Susan for an awesome review. And to Penny and Donna, for being such supportive friends and wonderful writers themselves.

    I love the illos in this picture book. Kathy Iler nailed it!!
    Margot Finke

    1. You're welcome Margot, and I agree; the illustrations are great.

    2. Just seeing if I have fixed the problem of not being able to comment.
      Fingers crossed. . .

  4. Hi, Susan. Thanks for sharing about Margot's book.

    1. Susanne so nice of you to stop by. Margot writes wonderful books for sure.

  5. Susanne,

    Terrific review of Margot's latest children's book. I always enjoy Margot's books! Especially her humor!


    1. Me too Donna. Margot has the gift of writing and rhyming. thanks for your support.

  6. Susanne, many thanks for your kind words. I love the illos for this, and I found the artist locally in Oregon. Like the rest of my Wild and Wonderful series, this book began as just an eBook with an Aussie publisher. Now it is both eBook and soft cover, thanks to GAP.