Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Maddi's Fridge

Sofi and Maddie are best friends.  They play every day together. The playground is their favorite place to climb, run, and have fun.  Maddi and Sofi are pretty much like most kids, except that Maddi has a problem that is all too familiar these days.  She is hungry.

The story depicts some childhood difficulties, children trying to help children, secrets that can’t be kept, siblings that care about each other, and friends that show their compassion with generosity.

Maddi’s Fridge is a wonderful book for Kids.  It teaches children to share, to be companionate, and to know that sometimes it’s not good to keep a secret.  While this delightful little book brings hunger awareness to children, its pages are also filled with fun.

The Author Lois Brandt, has shown children that they too can help those in need.  The illustrations by Vin Vogel are filled with whimsy that are certain to delight young readers.

The life lessons in this book will live on in a child’s mind. I give it five bags of goodies for great content.

This book was reviewed by Susan Hornbach, author of children’s literature

About The Author Of

Maddi’s Fridge

Lois Brandt is the author of Maddi's Fridge, illustrated by Vin Vogel.

Years ago Lois peeked into her best friend’s refrigerator and found empty shelves and
one small carton of milk. Her best friend’s family didn’t have enough money to buy
food. Maddi’s Fridge is the result of that moment.

A teacher by trade, Lois weaves together diverse images and events to create stories
for children. She lives near Seattle, WA, with her husband, assorted kids, two dogs,
and a fluffy cat who thinks he’s a dog. This is her first picture book.


  1. Susan,
    I'm happy that you chose to review this book. The author has touched on much. I'm impressed that she was able to keep it fun too. I love the cover. Thanks for sharing this one.

    1. You're welcome Linda. You know kids, no matter what they are living through they always manage to have some fun. Maddi's Fridge is a good awareness tool for children. Thanks for your comments Linda.

  2. Hi Susan, This sounds like a good book for kids on an important subject. It brings home the problem of hunger on a personal and child-friendly level. Thanks for your sharing this book. Penny (

  3. Hi Penny, so glad you could stop by. It's a great book for kids. Life lessons, and fun all rolled in a book for learning. Thanks for your comments Penny.

  4. A lovely emotive story of hunger awareness that will show children another side of the world around them and how they can do good helping other children in need in their own little ways. Heartwarming that author Lois Brandt has tackled this issue in a way that will likewise entertain children. Thank you again Susan for posting another of your insightful reviews.

    1. Hello Liam, thanks so much for supporting this book. It's an important life lesson for children. But, still fun to read. So glad you could stop by Liam.

  5. Well needed book with a topic that does not receive enough attention within our own country. Congratulations and best wishes for your continued success!

    1. Donna you're right on. There should be no hunger anywhere let alone the USA. Thanks so such for your support Donna. It's much Appreciated.

  6. It sounds like a book kids will enjoy as well as learn from. And the cover art is really cute.