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 Welcome Jo Linsdell

 Today I have posted a blog spot for Jo Linsdell as part of her three month blog tour.  She is an author, writer and illustrator of children's literature.  Her new book, "Out and About at the Zoo" has been receiving wonderful reviews. Listed below are several of them that describe an enchanting trip to the zoo, and illustrations that are sure to please children. 

I'm sure you will enjoy reading her fun filled reviews of this delightful story of rhyme and colorful animals from the zoo.  Feel free to leave a comment, and anyone who wishes to host Jo Linsdell on their blog; her contact information is below.  I wish you great success with your new book Jo, and would like to say that the characters on the cover of Out and About at the Zoo are simply precious. 

Out and About at the Zoo
Written and illustrated by Jo Linsdell 

Rhyming text and Colorful
pictures accompany this fun day out discovering different animals at the zoo.

About the author:
Jo Linsdell is a freelance writer, author and illustrator. Originally from the UK , she now lives in Rome, Italy with her husband and their two young sons.

Author Website
Release Date: 1st June 2012

Product details:

ISBN/EAN13: 1477446591 / 9781477446591
Page Count: 32
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Language: English
Colour: Full Colour with Bleed
Related Categories: Juvenile Fiction / Stories in Verse

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Read Jo Linsdell's Reviews:
5 Stars *****

I review many books. When I see a children's picture book, I tend to savor the artistic way the writer and the artist tend to mesh. Sometimes its the blending that makes a simple child's book something really worth reading.

Out and About at the Zoo is a combination of the artist and the writer being the same person Jo Linsdell. She crafted a very cute and adorable children's volume. This simple children's book with bright colors of animals from the zoo is crisp in it poetic delivery. The art sparkles in its simple characters of the zoo animals.

Ms Linsdell seems to know her target audience and gives them a bright a images for them to enjoy. These young children will delight in this books rhythms that come from its verses and art. It is a good book to give for those young and young at heart".

By Bennet Pomerantz

5 Stars *****
"This is a fun, short book for the grandkids! If you love reading to your children or grandchildren, this book will become a family favorite quite fast. The simple wording and bright interaction of characters makes it easy for very young readers and exciting for toddlers still listening.

Jo puts some serious thought into toddler reactions and includes those in the book. My favorite part was the last page, because my toddlers decided immediately that we needed to take a trip to the Denver Zoo. "Yay!!! I get to see the elephants!" (Okay, that part was ME not them.
But they get to go too.)"

5 Stars *****
"Out and About at the Zoo by Jo Linsdell is a delightful story set in rhyme about a boy and his mum. The two spend the day at the zoo and meet many animals along the way. Your child will enjoy reading this book time and time again. The colorful illustrations make this book a joy to read. Pick up a copy of this book and share a day at the zoo memory with your little one".
By Kate Mueller, Author of Bella's Birthday Surprise

5 Stars *****
 "Out And About At The Zoo is a cute book that describes a child's memory filled trip to the zoo. Are you heading to the zoo and you would like to tell your kids what animals they will see there and what they might be doing? Then Out And About At The Zoo would be a great choice. Easy to understand and easy for children to read along with. It is filled with simple yet colorful pictures that even held my one year old's attention!

Would also make a good gift for young readers who are just beginning to read!"

5 Stars *****
 "What is your favorite animal to see at the zoo?  Author and illustrator Jo Linsdell both describes and pictures a fun day at the zoo that a young lad has with his mum.  They get to look at colorful parrots, tall giraffes, screaming monkeys, meat-eating lions and tigers, striped zebras, scary crocodiles with big teeth, hopping kangaroos, bathing hippos, and huge elephants.   But how does the boy feel when it’s time to go home?   How would you feel?

Children love to visit the zoo.  Our two boys certainly did when they were little, and we still do even today.  Jo Linsdell is a freelance writer and artist who is originally from the United Kingdom but now lives in Rome, Italy, with her husband and their two young sons.  The rhyming text and colorful pictures in Out and About at the Zoo not only make a truly fun story for children to read or have read to them and imagine what it’s like, but will also help to familiarize them with the different kinds of creatures that they will discover at the zoo when they do go."

By Wayne Walker, Home School Book Review

5 Stars *****
 "I have always been told that if you are going to write a rhyming picture book you had better make sure the entire thing rhymes. An author named Verla Kay has many picture books written only in rhyme. Her rhymes are excellent and I use her as a standard for good rhyming. She would enjoy this book!

Jo Linsdell has written a picture book with pictures that are so adorable you want to hug each animal in the book. Both the pictures and the text bring a child's wonder and excitement during a day at the zoo to the reader. The illustrations leap off the page and the animals are so inviting. Each one has a smile and the text tells children what each one does. I think this would be a great bedtime story for any child or a good introduction to a day at the zoo. As a primary teacher, I recommend this highly for a beginning reader. After a few readings the child will be able to read many of the words."

5 Stars *****
 "Jo has chosen a palette of bright flat colours such as young children love for her first picture book, “Out and About at the Zoo”, which she wrote with her small son acting as honorary head of her children’s consumer advisory panel.  Her son influenced her story’s creation each step of the way, which has made the whole experience  of making this, their first picture book, very special indeed.
The images of the animals are cheeky and fun and are complemented by the simple narrative with a strong rhyming element. Children love the musicality in rhyme so I can see why her little boy loved this mode of storytelling. I’m sure other children will find it fun too!"
By Jennifer Poulter

5 Stars *****

Out and About at the Zoo is such a fun book. I can't wait to read the rhymes in this story to my grandbabies. I know I will be sending them their own copy of this book to read and soak up the colorful pages.

The illustrations are so cute and will definitely grab the child's attention to the bright colors and the zoo animals they are visiting in this darling book.

Here is one of my favorite pages, it teaches the child about the description of the animal and teaches colors in fun rhyming words.

"Zebras with stripes
of black and white
trotted over, much to my delight."
page 14

I see this as not just for a fun read but also for the education of young children.

I highly recommend this book!

I rated this book a 5+ out of 5

4 Stars ****
 "I enlisted some help from my daughter who turns three next month to write this review.

After reading "Out and About at the Zoo," to her, I asked if she liked the book. Her response: "I YOVE it." (she can't pronounce "L's" very well yet but you get the drift).

Caitlin has summed up everything you need to know and there's not much more to add to her comment. Jo's book is fun with cleverly rhyming text and is brightly illustrated. Your littlies will love "Out and About at the Zoo."

Jo Linsdell


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  6. Thanks for sharing about this fun book and the great reviews! I was recently at the zoo with my grandkids, and this sounds like a book they would enjoy.

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    2. Thanks Connie. I wrote the book after taking my son to the zoo for the first time. He LOVES animals! :)

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