Saturday, June 9, 2012

                         New Book  Releases From Guardian Angel Publishing                   A BEAUTIFUL DAY
  Littlest Angels- Margaret Pearce, artist Ilse Van Garderen
  Bobby and Vicki are mice twinlings living in a lovely 'down under' woodland setting. It is important that sisters, who consider they have nothing in common, have their outings stopped until they learn to play together nicely.             A TODDLER'S ABC OF BLESSINGS
  Wings of Faith- Jennifer Prus, artist Alyssa McIlhany
  Snuggle up with your favorite loved one and follow along as a toddler shares his adorable blessings using the alphabet; from angels who watch over him, to mud puddles to jump into before mass, and zebras that traveled on Noah's ark. Children will love the playful rhymes and colorful illustrations.">COBBLEDOM'S CURSE
  Littlest Angels- J. Aday Kennedy, artist Jack Foster
  Laced with humor and a message to put other's desires above one's own the book is an example of self-sacrifice and true friendship. Reluctant readers will snap up the book and discover the fun reading can be.">                 CODY KNOWS
  Littlest Angels- Karen Wiesner, artist Candace Hardy
  Follow the antics and adventures of a single day in the life of an Indiana Jones-wanna-be toddler, Cody. Simple words and sentences bring the story to life for beginning readers.">      J.P.'S HALLOWEEN PARADE
  Littlest Angels- Andi Houdek art by Kevin Collier
  J.P. walks into his classroom and realizes he has forgotten something very important. His friends are dressed up in their Halloween costumes, and he is wearing his regular school clothes! Follow J.P. through his day and find out how his friends help him feel better.">      MY TOOTH IS LOOSE THE SUM OF OUR PARTS series
  Academic Wings- Bill Kirk, artist Eugene Ruble
  From the first wiggle until the tooth comes out, this picture book will bring back memories of when you pulled your first tooth. Through a story in rhyme, you can share the experience with your own children as they begin to wonder if it is now their time. Seven pages of factoids and activities included.">                  THE CAT CAME BACK
  Animals & Pets- Dixie Phillips & Lucy Robbins, artist Laureen Caponigro
  Papa Sompolinsky is color-blind. When Miss Mittens, the family's prized kitten, suddenly disappears, the Sompolinsky family goes berserk. Papa thinks he's found her. Join Miss Mittens and the whole Sompolinsky family in this true silly rhyming adventure that is guaranteed to bring a smile and a giggle or two."> THE LITTLEST COWBOY
   Littlest Angels- Jeanean Nusz, artist Y Moreno
  Jacob is a little boy who is in a hurry to grow up and be just like the big cowboys on his Dad's ranch. This story helps celebrate that first momentous accomplishment in life when a youngster is able to say, "Yes, I can do it!"


  1. Thanks for the kind plug for "My Tooth Is Loose" on your blog, Susan. And congrats to the other May release authors and artists. What a wild and creative bunch....

  2. These all sound like great books. Thanks for sharing about them.

  3. Your quite welcome Bill! Glad to do it. This is a great bunch of new books.

    Thanks Susanne for stopping by, and leaving a comment.