Friday, December 26, 2014

Dreamtime Man written by Margot Finke, is a work of art from the interesting educational verse it is written in, to the magnificent illustrations by Joana Zdralea.  The colors are simply mesmerizing.   Details of the Australian Aboriginal people will not only educate children and adults, but also entertain them as well.

Even though the text may be a bit advanced for young children, the illustrations will still hold their attention and introduce them to an ancient and proud culture from the Down Under.

This is an exceptional book for children and adults; both in text and art. The author and the artist were certainly in sync on this one. Beautiful book!

This book was reviewed by Susan Hornbach, author of children’s literature

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Margot Finke.

Margot Finke is an Aussie author whose 13 books range from midgrade adventure fiction to rhyming picture books. For many years she has lived in Oregon with her husband and family. Gardening, travel, and reading fill in the cracks between her writing. 

Their three children are now grown and doing very well.  Four delightful grandchildren round out Margot’s family.

Her Manuscript Critique Service helps children’s writers polish and tighten their stories before publication.  Helping other writers succeed, and HOOKING kids on reading, are Margot’s special goals.

She didn't begin serious writing until the day their youngest left for college. This late start drives her writing, and pushes her to work at it every day. Margot says, "I really envy those who began young, and managed to slip into writing mode between kid fights, diaper changes, household disasters, and outside jobs. You are my heroes! "


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