Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tommy's Amigo

Tommy’s Amigo written and illustrated by Nancy Carty Lepri, is a story about a Mexican boy who desperately misses his father and also wants to fit in with his school mates.  He lives with his grandmother who has also migrated to the US.  In spite of her deep love for her grandson, his Grandmother’s pride seems to rule her judgment.   As a result, Tommy is left to desperation that could cause him his life.

Tommy is bullied, but tries to roll with the punches. He finds himself in confrontation in the lunch room at school.  His close friends back him up, but Tommy’s life begins to spiral out of control from that point on.  His father has been sent to jail for something he is not guilty of and Tommy must find a way to stay out of foster care.

Tommy’s Amigo is a pleasant surprise.  His Amigo shows him how to hang in there when all is unraveling.  Tommy finds himself in trouble a number of times throughout these pages.  The story is fast moving and will hold the attention of boys and girls to the end.

The problems in this book are true to life and would certainly help any child relate to those of other culture or those who are experiencing similar conditions.
Great Book!

This book has been reviewed by Susan Hornbach, author of children’s literature


  1. Hi, Susan. Thanks for sharing about this book.

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